Trump and Pay to Play

Donald Trump Showing Interest in Pay to Play foundation of Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate is now focusing on the operation ‘pay to play’, the Clinton Foundation.  The donations done to the foundation was to secure access and also to influence Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, according to Mr. Trump. It is also done so that she may be used later to influence, if elected.

Trump appreciated the Clinton Foundations work as he checked it online. He said he was happy to see their website offering to help the poor, sick and disadvantaged people. The multiple initiatives taken by this foundation has pleased Trump. he was impressed by the Clintons initiative in Tanzania, Malawi and Rwanda anchor farm projects helping over 77,00 smallholder farmers by offering them access to markets and providing smart agronomic training to produce soya, maize and sunflower.

The Clinton Health Matters works to improve across the United States the wellness in communities. These partnerships reflect projects and investments reaching over 50 million people in the country. Trump also informed that he saw the annual reports, financial statements and IRS Form 990s that revealed the donations done and all the large donors. Their financial statement and reports had details of all the activities the foundation was related to and the entities details to the last dollar. He appreciated the transparency of Pay to Play.

The media is focusing on Donald Trump and his on campaign contributions. This also includes the Trump entities done contributions to Attorneys General in Texas, New York, Florida, California or anyone suing or investigation Trump University. However, the Attorneys General of New York and California are already in the news coverage for pursuing their investigations on the contributions of Trump U. However, Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas, now the Texas Governor, discontinued his investigation as Trump U stopped in Texas.

Mr. Trump was questioned about the ‘Pay to Play’ transaction. The transactional facts of Bondi-Trump offer a clear basis for investigation. Now the investigation relating the Trump-Bondi connection will take place soon, or after the election, is an open question for all the contribution reasons. However, regardless of several inquiring minds, it has kept people wondering whether there are reasons to prosecute Ms. Bondi, Mr. Trump or his corporate entities for public corruption, bribery or both, under state or federal law, or both.

Though, the McDonnel decision narrowed the federal public corruption cases into official acts, yet there appears a potential criminal issue under at least three legal theories and federal statutes with Bondi’s and Trump’s